Condition for the normal operation of the air conditioner

Air conditioning is a complex technical device, but unlike others, requiring mandatory periodic maintenance. So the services of companies engaged in this craft will need to be used not only when the air conditioners will be installed, but also with its further operation. So in order for this device to create only clean air, it is necessary to provide not only the purity of the external and internal blocks, but also the required amount of refrigerant and the serviceability of the drainage system.

Serving air conditioners is a process that should be carried out at least once a year, this is how it is written in every instruction that goes to this device. Only this condition can provide really good work and a long service life. And the less often this maintenance is, the more and less the colating production of this equipment will be less and less.

The service of air conditioners includes work that includes:

• cleaning the filter of the block located inside the device;

• cleaning the evaporator of the unit inside the device;

• cleaning the drainage system of the entire air conditioner is completely;

• check of the normal pressure of the freon in the entire system;

• verification of the work of all air conditioning modes;

• verification of the overall tightness of the freon pipeline;

• cleaning the capacitor of the unit located outside;

• checking the created load on the compressor located in the air conditioner.

Also, any maintenance should be supplemented by such an action as refueling the air conditioner by Freon, without which the operation of the device will simply be impossible. Freon is a cooling reagent. Regardless of which model or brand, the air conditioner is installed, each of them has a small cliff of this reagent during their work. In order to achieve the normal operation of the device, it is necessary to refuel a refueling by freon twice a year.

Thus, in order to ensure the normal temperature, comfortable for staying in the room and at the same time make air in the room even more clean to extend the life of the air conditioner, it is necessary to periodically perform all preventive work, as well as refuel it with freon. Only in this way can you be sure that the device will not fail at the most inopportune moment and require repairs, which will be much more expensive than timely maintenance.

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