Common misconceptions about plastic windows

Usually people look for hidden tricks and numerous disadvantages in everything unfamiliar, new and progressive, hence there are various myths about popular products. Often it is used by competitors, skillfully playing on the psychology and mentality of average citizens. The same fate could not be avoided by the plastic windows, so in this article we will try to dispel some false statements about PVC windows.

1. PVC windows are very harmful to human health. People are usually alarmed by the use of lead in the manufacture of plastic windows, but it is completely harmless in the finished product, do not forget that the same plastic is used for making dishes and children’s toys.

2. European plastic windows are better than domestic windows. This is a gross misunderstanding – in our country PVC windows are made using European equipment and European technology, so they can not be worse than European ones.

3. The more chambers in the window, the better. Also a misconception. Increasing the number of chambers in a plastic window increases its thermal insulation, but such windows are relevant only for regions with a very harsh climate, so do not overpay for extra chambers.

4. There is no such thing as colored plastic windows. This statement was true only in the times of the earliest plastic windows, but nowadays every self-respecting producer usually offers not less than dozen of different colors for each model.

5. PVC windows are unaffordable for most of the population due to their high cost. In the ratio of price to quality, plastic windows have a better indicator compared to wooden and aluminum windows, the only difference is the high price of finished windows imported from Europe. Otherwise it is just a myth, a kind of echo from the 90s, when they really were quite expensive and sometimes even considered a subject of elitism.

6. Over time, plastic windows start to turn yellow. This statement is true only for the products of dishonest manufacturers, but every year they occur less and less often. As for high-quality plastic windows, they will not turn yellow in 10 or 50 years.

7. Wooden windows are better than plastic windows. Plastic is durable and requires virtually no maintenance, so this statement is very controversial, it is rather a matter of taste and preferences of consumers.

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