Colombia warned about the rise in price of its coffee

The cost of Colombian coffee in Russia will increase next year due to crop failure in the republic. This was announced on November 12 by the Ambassador of Colombia to the Russian Federation, Hector Arenas Neira.

According to him, the country’s farmers failed to harvest a lot of coffee in the most productive regions of Colombia due to the heavy winter.

“It is expected that the harvest will decrease by 50-57% compared to last year. Colombia mainly produces Arabica, it is a very mild variety, and coffee production has already decreased by 22%.”

According to the diplomat, the reasons for the increase in prices for Colombian coffee will be the rise in the cost of fertilizers, the shortage of containers and logistics. Neira noted that coffee prices will rise all over the world.

The ambassador did not specify exactly how much the prices will increase.

In September, the head of the Bacca Rossa coffee company, Natalie Solnechnaya, told Izvestia that the rise in the price of coffee in Russia in recent months was largely due to a reduction in the supply of Western brands that fell under anti-Russian sanctions, and this trend has exhausted itself. In her opinion, the market has found balance, and in the future it is even possible to reduce prices.

A month earlier it was reported that problems with the coffee harvest in Latin America and Asia have already affected its cost in the world — the product will rise in price by 10-15%. According to experts, the price increase for this product in the Russian Federation will be 30% — until the next harvest season in 2023.

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