Clinker brick in construction.

Advantages of clinker brick.

Clinker brick is a building material made using special technology, which is characterized by high uniformity. In the process of its production, the most refractory types of clay are used, which are carefully burned at ultra -high temperatures – to perfect sintering. As a result, the brick does not contain either voids or foreign substances, which makes it much more durable and reliable, which you can verify, together with us, having considered the main advantages of this type of building materials:


The internal uniformity of clinker brick makes it unusually durable and resistant to most mechanical damage. The life of the buildings erected from the clinker is calculated for decades. At the same time, the brick does not lose its aesthetics over the years, since it is very difficult to leave a scratch on such a material.

Due to increased water resistance, clinker brick is the perfect material for external decoration of buildings. Squeeged clay practically does not absorb moisture, so rains, even arbitrarily strong, will not damage the facade made from it.

According to the well -known supplier of the clinker, the company Arigonbud (official website -) is no less stable by clinker brick and in relation to low temperatures. Severe frosts entailing icing of objects will not cause damage in the structure of the material and will not affect its appearance in any way. Therefore, the clinker is suitable for the construction of buildings in any climate, even the coldest.

Given all of the above, we can conclude that this type of brick is able to withstand any atmospheric phenomena. It is also resistant to weathering, which means that he is able to protect the walls from destruction for centuries due to natural causes.

Safety and comfort

The sound insulation characteristics of the clinker are very good. In addition, he perfectly holds heat. In the production process, it is possible to increase and decrease the degree of heat and sound permeability of brick due to a change in the level of porosity of the source material.

Clinker brick – one hundred percent natural material. In production, no additional chemical additives are included in the composition of the clinker. Very rarely in the manufacturing process, safe coloring substances are used.

Clinker brick is easy to clean: ordinary water and brush enough to return it to the original appearance.

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