Choosing the right bearing

The rolling bearing is of great importance in a car. Its right choice will allow a better load distribution, as well as many years of use of the car or any other device.

How the bearing works?

Needle roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings can only take a radical load. All other radical bearings are oriented to the load of the axial type.

If the bearing will have a mixed load, buy bearings with tapered rollers at their core, also use angular contact bearings on a ball base. Remember that the maximum load that can be transferred to the bearing depends on the contact angle. If the contact angle is increased, the load capacity of the axle plan will also increase.

Radial-thrust bearings with a spherical backing are used when radial loads are higher than axial loads. Axial angular contact ball bearings with four-point contact can be used.

Recommendations for Rolling Bearing Applications

Pay attention to the nature of the load, it is important whether it is permanent or not. Also important is the number of rotations, whether one ring rotates or both.

Also keep in mind the environment in which the bearing will operate. Usually the environment is constant, but sometimes it can change.

Find out what the durability of the bearing will be. The data must be specified in the documents.

Pay attention to the amount and direction of the load, depending on these data, you will need combined, axial or radial bearings.

Most important in a bearing is its durability. Buying a bearing, you need to pay special attention to this point, otherwise you can be slipped anything you like. Bearings are elements that work with high precision, so a bad product can lead to huge problems and even accidents.

Bearing durability is calculated using special formulas that are recommended by GOST. This formula takes into account all the details: manufacturer, metal, quality of the product, durability, maximum load, etc. д. Only after checking all the documents for the product, pay for the purchase, if there are any suspicions, it is better to return the goods.

When buying a bearing, be vigilant and try to buy only from a trusted place.

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