Choosing a printer for home

Many users carefully analyze the configuration of the system unit, multimedia devices of the computer, and approach the choice of a printer formally, sometimes agreeing to take it “as a load” or on the next “promotion”.

If you have to print a lot of text, photos or graphics, it quickly becomes clear that the printer is the most expensive device connected to a home computer.

Let’s take a look at what printers are and the algorithm for their optimal choice. Pay attention to the brother dcp 6690cw review.

Matrix home printers have lost their relevance. Products of this type are noisy, slow, though quite cheap. Certainly, to get them for the house does not make practical sense.

Inkjet printer has the ability to print at high quality and high speed, optimal price and low noise during operation. But the price of original consumables is half the price of the printer itself, therefore users quite often resort to their own refilling with dye. Printers of this type are used at home by most users.

Laser printer is the fastest and quietest in operation. It is superior in print quality to the inkjet example, and its cartridge lasts for several thousand pages. The monochrome laser printer is the optimal choice for a home computer. Laser printer with the possibility of color printing is equipped with a rather expensive cartridge, so its use at home is not always economically justified.

Thermal sublimation printer is designed to print high quality photos. Due to the narrow specifics and high price of its “components” dye-sublimation printer has not been widely used for use with a home computer.

To choose a cost-effective home printer model, you need to find out the following characteristics:

– Number of copies that can be printed on one set of cartridges.

– With what models are compatible consumables (usually the original cartridges are much more expensive than their analogues).

– Possibility of self-filling of cartridges (important for inkjet printer).

We have considered the classification of modern printers and general recommendations on their choice. In conclusion, it is advised to seek advice from an organization engaged in the service of printing peripherals and find out which models of printers are more reliable in the operation of the house.

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