Choosing a power tiller

How much work, effort and tools did the dacha owner need to work his plot. Now it is enough to have one motocultivator to facilitate your work, save time and effort. It is small in size and weighs a maximum of 55 kg. But we can say with confidence that it is a small machine with big capabilities.

The big possibilities of a small machine

That’s not an exaggeration at all. Digging up seedbeds, weeding, and hoeing are only a small part of what the power tiller can do. The ability to attach a variety of attachments makes this machine really versatile. Let’s say you need to plow a plot of two acres or dig potatoes. Hook the appropriate “nozzle” to the cultivator and everything is ready in an hour. In addition, there are models of power tillers that can be “put” on wheels and used as a cart to transport fertilizers, tools and other cargo. This kind of transport can carry up to 200 kg.

Choosing your assistant

To make it easier to choose and buy a motocultivator in Moscow, let’s define a few basic guidelines:

area size. The more ground you have to work, the more powerful the model is. For example, if you have only three acres of land, a lightweight cultivator with a 1-2 horsepower engine will be enough. For large areas, of course, and the power should be more. The most powerful models with an engine of six liters. с. Designed to work on thirty acres of land. However, to work even with such “power tools” the soil on your plot should not be too dense;

weight. The model and capabilities of the power tiller also depends on its weight. With lightweight models, up to 11 kilograms, you can perform only uncomplicated work, because their cutter can not go deeper into the soil than 15 centimeters. That is why these cultivators are considered an auxiliary tool. Accordingly, heavier units have more possibilities;

soil. It should be noted that the capabilities of the cultivator, which are listed in its passport, refer to work in normal soil. Therefore, if you need to process difficult soil, for example, virgin soil, choose a model with a special cutter. In addition, pay attention to the working width of the cutter. The larger the area, the wider the grip must be;

We hope that our information will help you with the choice.

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