Choosing a plot for the construction of a country house

Before starting the construction of any house, you need to choose a suitable site, because this is the first step to the construction of your family nest. The place for construction should meet all your requirements. The first thing to decide on is the land area is good if the plot is not too small, but at the same time it will not have excessive length. One to ten is an ideal proportion of the area of ​​the suburban site relative to the area of ​​the house, which is planned to be built on the site. For example, for a house with a total area of ​​about 200 m. sq. The optimal size of the site is twenty hundred. It should also be remembered that a gross violation of this proportion will lead to the illiquacy of your real estate in the future. Below are the criteria by which you should choose and purchase land plots. Order a turnkey log house.

one. Physical characteristics of soils.

2. The availability of communications – roads with solid coating, electricity, gas, possibly sewage and water supply. As for the water, it is necessary to find out in advance at what depths I lay underground waters, since in the absence of a water supply, you will have to drill a well yourself. This can become a problem if the water lies very deeply, sometimes wells are needed, the depth of which reaches 60-80 meters.

3. House remoteness from neighboring sections.

four. Environmental cleanliness of the district – make sure that there are no powerful radio stations, landfills, high -voltage power lines near your site, make an analysis of water on the site, just in case, study the territory with a dosimeter. Check the site for buried garbage and other troubles, ask the locals that previously was located on your site.

5. The condition of roads, their maintenance, because you will have to use the road every day, leaving for the city. In the event that the road is soil, you will have to endure inconvenience during spring and autumn protracted rains.

6. Accessibility of hospitals, schools, gardens, mail, shops, etc.

7. The ability to insure construction and unfinished buildings.

eight. Picturesque surroundings.

9. The legality of the sale of the site.

When choosing a site, you should not save on consultations of real estate specialists, professionals who will help you clarify all the moments of interest and make the right choice.

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