Choosing a new furniture and a ceiling

With a large selection of stretch ceilings, which today can be ordered, both domestic and imported production, the products from France still enjoys great popularity among customers. At first glance, it is possible and indistinguishable from others, French stretch ceilings show their positive qualities in operation. Provance company provides “turnkey” installation of stretch ceilings from French-made PVC-films.

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Installation of stretch ceilings is carried out by harpoon method. This method has a number of advantages. There is no need to remove furniture from the room where the ceiling is mounted. The installation process is so clean and neat that the furniture will not suffer at all. In the process of approving the ceiling project, the customer has the opportunity to select and order the installation of any lighting equipment of his choice, including fire and security alarm sensors.

There is no need to tidy the ceiling before installation. Unaesthetic pipes, wiring, irregularities in the base of the ceiling – all this will be carefully hidden behind the opaque film, and your ceiling will only delight with its beauty, hiding everything that should be hidden. You can forego time-consuming and expensive ceiling alignment work and defect remediation.

It is no secret that stretch ceilings give their owners a feeling of tranquility for their repairs. Even if negligent neighbors will still flood you, the French stretch ceiling film will withstand the volume of water equal to 100 liters per square meter of its surface. All that is needed in this case – to call a specialist to fix the accident, and the ceiling will continue to serve you faithfully.

High speed of installation and a short time for production of ceilings according to individual projects allow for the repair of the ceiling within just 4 days. It will take three days to coordinate the project and fabrication of a ceiling according to your measurements, and the installation will take only 1 day. If desired, the ceiling can be supplemented with plasterboard shapes, and the choice of color, pattern or photo print for your new stretch ceiling is left entirely up to you. In addition to installation, the company provides a full range of warranty and post-warranty services.

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