Choosing a bedside cabinet

Bedside cabinet – one of the most important components of a modern bedroom. This furniture attribute combines the highest functionality, because it can accommodate a huge number of small accessories – personal care items, books, table lamps and more. When choosing this versatile piece of furniture, you should take into account many criteria – the material from which it is made, dimensions and, of course, the design solution.

Material . Bedside cabinets are usually designed using natural wood or synthetic resin-based materials – medium density fiberboard (MDF), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), particle board (chipboard), etc. In addition to such variations, on the market you can meet nightstands, made simultaneously of two or more types of raw materials. A good example would be a nightstand, the base of which is created from natural wood, and as its finish is chosen plastic or plexiglass. Undoubtedly, the safest and most environmentally friendly are furniture products made of lumber, t. е. wood. If you want to buy a really strong, high quality and durable bedside table, you should choose the one made of oak, birch, mahogany, ash, beech, etc. д. Each of these species has a wonderful unobtrusive flavor, rich tone, unimaginable beauty and nobility of pattern.

Dimensions. The size of the nightstand you choose directly depends on the overall interior of your bedroom. Here you need to decide what kind of function it will perform (storing a huge pile of magazines and books, bedding/storage for small accessories like cell phones, nightlights, etc.).). For example, you can put a big and roomy bedside cabinet on one side of the bed or two small ones on either side of the bed. Another sensible solution is to choose a mid-height corner cabinet.

Design. Today, in the design of the bedroom often give preference to a style such as minimalism. And not without reason. After all, this style direction assumes a small number of furniture and related accessories in the interior, which greatly facilitates the procedure of finding the necessary for the arrangement of the room. The most popular solutions – ornate cabinet legs, curved and convex fronts, drawers decorated with original hardware, etc. п.

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