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Every year, the number of people who want to install an air conditioner in their apartment or house is growing more and more. And such a desire is clear. The climatic conditions that have recently been observed in our country in every possible way contribute to an increase in demand for air conditioners. Few are capable of withstanding such heat in the summer months that nature has recently been presented to us.

The global air conditioning market offers various models from all kinds of manufacturers. The main task in the competition was the observance of strict environmental safety norms of its products. With success, many companies – manufacturers use natural refrigerants in the production of air conditioners, such as hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide and ammonia.

One of the world leaders in the production of air conditioners is the Japanese company Daikin. The products of this company are of high quality, the most latest technologies used in its production, low noise and energy efficiency. Recently, the company has developed and introduced a new series of split systems with energy-saving, class and high performance. In this series of split systems, great attention is paid to improving technical characteristics. A completely new, progressive design of models was developed that distinguishes Daikin air conditioners.

The well -known LG concern does not lag behind competitors, which retains very stable positions in the market. The main advantage of the company is the use of the latest development, which is designed to filter air. The company paid special attention to the improvement and modernization of the air distribution system in the room. With success, in many models split – inverter technology is used, which can significantly reduce the noise effect and increase energy efficiency. The company has developed a unique system that is designed to clean the air. This system effectively removes household ticks, dust, pets wool and prevents the appearance of various allergic diseases.

Electrolux concern, when developing its competitive air conditioning models, created a model that combines excellent external technical characteristics, modern design and efficiency.

Conductors of air conditioners constantly and regularly update their products, improving their technical and external characteristics.

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