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Flooring, which we call “laminate” has already gained popularity. It has many advantages of its own, including aesthetic qualities, a variety of finishes and performance characteristics. But it can only work really well if it is chosen and installed correctly. How to choose a laminate flooring for the apartment told below.

Problems during operation can be avoided by choosing the right floor covering. It all depends on the purpose of use. In different rooms, the coating experiences different loads.

Marking of laminate by performance classes is designed precisely to facilitate the choice of material for the user.

In total, manufacturers of modern laminate flooring distinguish six classes of materials.

Those laminates that start with a 2 are designed for living rooms. The second digit of the index shows the degree of load that can withstand the coating. The principle is this – the bigger the figure, the more resistant the material.

“21” – for the bedroom and home office;

Those with a “22” are for children’s rooms and living rooms;

“23” – for the kitchen and hallway.

A series of laminate coverings, the index of which begins with “3”, is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage (erasure, impact, scratches, etc.).) As a rule, laminates of class 31, 32, 33 are used in public and commercial premises (offices, stores, gyms, etc.). п.)

Laminate water resistance is an additional criterion when choosing a material. Even the toughest surfacing can warp when exposed to water and moisture. Water gets in between the individual elements, penetrates into the coating and causes undesirable physical and mechanical processes.

This problem can be solved by buying waterproof laminate. In this case, during manufacture, at the joints it is impregnated with a special composition, which gives the material the necessary water repellent properties.

In addition, when choosing laminate, you should pay special attention to the substrate, which is glued on the inside, each element of this flooring. The substrate gives soundproofing and thermal insulation properties. More often than not, manufacturers put an underlayment on the laminate during production.

The way the elements are fastened to each other is another selection criterion. There are some coatings that are designed to be bonded with glue. Other types of laminate are designed to lock the elements together.

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