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The construction of the fence currently has a slightly different meaning than in distant times for our ancestors. The fence for a modern person performs a decorative function more and is an integral part of the house itself, combining with it in appearance.

When planning the construction of a fence, you need to determine its style. Designers advise choosing a single -style fence with the house. For a wooden house, it is best to choose a wooden fence, and a brick fence or combined (brick and forged parts) is perfect for a brick structure).

A very often difficult task for owners of the house is the solution about which fence is better: transparent or deaf. Both of them have its advantages and disadvantages. Naturally, the deaf fence will completely hide the plot near the house from the curious eyes of the neighbors and will calmly relax after a hard day or garden work. If the house is near the roadway, then in this case the fence will protect the territory from excess dust. But the deaf fence has its disadvantages. Firstly, this is a strong darkening of plants that creates a dull fence, which negatively affects their growth. Secondly, it is a delay in normal air circulation, as a result of which the upper layers of fertile soil will be destroyed. Pay attention to stainless steel fences.

The choice of material is also difficult when planning the construction of the fence. The most popular are concrete and wood. Metal fences are considered no less common. Of all the above materials, the cheapest and affordable is a wooden fence. Its advantage is the ability to choose any suitable color scheme and shape. The disadvantages of such a fence are well known to everyone. This is a fairly short service life, the need for regular staining, the possibility of decay and a slight resistance to mechanical influences.

The most reliable and durable are metal fences. Most often use steel or aluminum for its construction. If such a fence consists of forged details, then it fits perfectly into the landscape of the site, and also reflects the wealth and beauty of the house.

Thus, it is absolutely clear that almost any material is suitable for the fence. It all only depends on the architectural style of the house itself, on the functional purpose of the fence, as well as on the possibilities of owners of the house.

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