Chevrolet Orlando: relatively inexpensive

Every motorist uses his criteria when choosing a car. Some people care about speed and dynamics. Others give priority to a comfortable interior and easy operation. Thirds are primarily interested in economics and the size of operating costs. But almost everyone, with few exceptions, pay attention to the cost of a car.

On the one hand, a large family needs a capacious car. One in which there is a place for everyone. And you can hold everything you need for a picnic in the countryside. Or a trip to the cottage. So the main contenders for the purchase are minivans. But their price is sometimes simply unaffordable for a large family.

And here is where the Chevrolet Orlando, whose production is established in our country, turns into a fairly profitable purchase. And by opting for this car, you can get a double benefit.

First, to save money on the purchase. Secondly, do not have problems with finding spare parts throughout the life of the machine. Its construction is certainly reliable, but it is not insured against possible breakages.

The exploitation of this car may become not less attractive from the point of view of fuel economy. Especially if you buy a modification equipped with a diesel engine.

However, even tempting savings can be unhappy if the car proves inconvenient for long journeys. With the Chevrolet Orlando such disappointment is excluded. Comfortable seats are spaced far enough apart for passengers to feel at ease.

A moderately stiff suspension is able to successfully withstand the peculiarities of the Russian roads. Sensitive and obedient control makes the driver’s work easier. The well-thought-out and comfortable arrangement of the car’s main controls and an ergonomic dashboard with a pleasant blue backlight help to reduce the level of fatigue on long journeys.

You won’t find record-breaking speed or outstanding dynamics among the main technical features of this model. Its advantages are different. For example, in the flexible cabin transformation, achieved by folding the seats and allowing sixteen layout options. For every trip you can choose the most suitable one, taking into account the specific tasks to be performed.

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