Characteristics of polymer pipes

In order to create a communication system, regardless of the fact that it is heating, sewage or gas pipeline, it is necessary to use polymer pipes. The choice of a certain type of them depends on their characteristics.

It is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

wear resistance,

resistance to corrosion and other external influences,

Installation methods,

characteristics of the inner and outer surface.

So, each type of pipes has its own characteristics. For example, PVC pipes have increased rigidity. In this regard, they are often used to create risers for sewers of various sizes. In addition, they are impact and resistant to mechanical damage. Polyvinyl chloride is distinguished by good hydraulic properties. If this material is used to create external sewer systems, you can be sure that the water that will be transported through them will not change its original chemical composition, or taste properties.

The demand that PE pipes made of polyethylene have is explained by such characteristics of material as low water and gas resistance. A type of pipe can be used to install systems in unstable and heavy soils. In addition, the products are well withstanding low temperatures. However, they have low heat resistance, the maximum high temperature at which they do not lose their original characteristics, this is + 40 ° C. It is preferable to use polyethylene pipes to create communication systems in a marshy area. This material is characterized by high resistance to water vapors.

Both polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene practically do not need additional maintenance during operation. When using welded joints, their high strength should be noted. I must say about such a characteristic of polyethylene pipes as their high elasticity.

If we talk about the features that PP pipes have, then their resistance to high pressure is first noted. However, they have low indicators with other polymers regarding gas permeability. At the same time, polypropylene keeps the form even at high temperatures, without deformation. PP pipes have good sanitary-hygienic indicators, as a result of which they are often used to lay water supply systems.

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