Car cargo transportation of cattle

Car cargo transportation of cattle in intercity directions is performed with an accompanying person. When transporting cattle cargo transportation, open -type freight vehicles are used, equipped with high sides.

Before carrying out road cargo transportation in Russia, cattle, a cargo vehicle should be sanitized.

Animals intended for automobile cargo transportation should be examined by the veterinarian before transporting, followed by the issuance of a permit for the transportation of livestock.

Documents for resolving transportation of cattle cargo transportation, if necessary, should be shown to higher authorities.

Responsibility for the delivery and condition of animals transported by the consignee by automobile cargo transportation carries an accompanying person.

Cargo vehicles with sides performing cargo transportation of cattle should be equipped with additional fasteners for tied livestock.

The driver of the vehicle must carry out a road cargo cargo transportation in accordance with all the Rules for the transportation of cattle and the rules of the road provided for this type of transport.

When stopping a vehicle, the accompanying person should inspect the cattle transported by road cargo to the recipient of the cargo.

The cattle consignee transported by the sender of cargo by car cargo transportation must conduct a careful examination of the brought animals in the presence of a veterinarian.

Unloading of cattle delivered by the consignor with a car cargo carrier to the recipient of the cargo should be performed by trained people without the use of Coca of any equipment.

At the end of the unloading of cattle brought by cargo transportation using road transport, it is necessary to perform full sanitary processing.

Car transportation of cattle requires special skills and experience with animals, therefore, to perform such cargo transportation, it is better to contact transport companies that have experience working with animal transportation and good recommendations for consumers of such services.

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