Cabinets compartment to order.

Cabinets compartment to order and their device.

If you decide to get a wardrobe, it would not be superfluous to understand their types, as well as constructive and functional differences. This will help you make the right choice when buying such furniture in a store or when contacting a company that makes wardrobes to order. Depending on the type of design, the wardrobes are divided into corps (stationary) and built-in.

The case (stationary) wardrobe belongs to the class of standard housing furniture and is a separate model. Its main difference from the usual, familiar to each of us, the cabinet is sliding doors. Where and the name is the cabinet compartment. Corps wardrobe, like any other ordinary furniture, can be rearranged from place to place. Therefore, if you have to move or you like to change the design of your home by rearrangements, this type of cabinet compartment is best for you.

To make the room look more aesthetically pleasing, free places between such a cabinet and heating batteries can be disguised using decorative panels. It is better that they correspond to the sliding doors of the cabinet in color and texture. You can increase the functionality of the body cabinet with the help of the mezzanine.

In the design of the built -in cabinet, the walls of the room are used in which it is installed. Therefore, with its device, you can use those places of the home in which it is not possible to put ordinary standard furniture. It can be the corners of the room, niches and other non -standard areas. The rear and side walls, the bottom and top of the cabinet are the walls of the room and, accordingly, the ceiling and floor. The doors system is attached to the walls and ceiling, and the guides are mounted directly on the floor. Holders designed to install shelves are also attached to the walls. This design of the cabinet allows the optimal use of the living area of ​​the room, and is quite economical in cost. However, here there are their own “but”.

We are talking about the strength of the built -in cabinet compartment, which in turn depends on the professionalism of the installers. After all, the walls of the room are not always perfectly even, and the irregularities of the ceiling and gender can create difficulties for sliding doors. All these shortcomings before installing the cabinet compartment must be eliminated. Therefore, the strength and normal functioning of this design can be provided only by specialists of the corresponding profile.

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