Activities of the President of Uzbekistan after re-election for a new term

Shavkat Mirziyoyev was first elected to the post of President of Uzbekistan in 2016. This intelligent and energetic man remains in office to this day, since the people of this state cannot imagine their life without him.

Uzbek president Shavkat Mirziyoyev is actively implementing aspects of the presidential new program, the essence of which is the privatization of assets of enterprises vital to the state:

  • De Muruntau gold deposit;
  • oil company “Uzbekneftegaz”;
  • aviation company “Uzbekistan Airways”;
  • Uzmetkombinat and Navoi MMC;
  • the main copper producer Almalyk MMC and many others.

The main goal of this activity is to attract foreign capital to increase the value of shares of enterprises that have undergone privatization. This measure will help to significantly increase the state budget of Uzbekistan.

One of the significant events of Sh. Mirziyoyev’s reign is the issue of Eurobonds, which occurred in 2019. Now he plans to bring the national currency to the same level as other convertible currencies, trying to put Uzbekistan on a par with fully developed European countries.

Strengthening political relations between Uzbekistan and China

The activities of the President are based not only on governing his subjects, but also on successful cooperation with other states. They develop trade and economic relations and pay friendly visits to colleagues.

One of the reforms of the President of Uzbekistan was the increase in the term of government. Instead of the required 5 years, the presidential term was increased to 7. At the end of the reform, elections were held in which the people almost unanimously elected Mr. Mirziyoyev.

This significant event was commented on by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who expressed warm wishes and congratulations to his colleague. He has high hopes for the continued development of friendly relations between China and Uzbekistan, publicly adding that he is proud of his friendship with this statesman.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev assured his colleague of the continuation of joint activities that would favorably influence the development of the economies of both countries and recalled the joint project related to the production of cars.

Xi Jinping warmly supported his colleague and expressed his readiness for further cooperation, noting that working relations between China and Uzbekistan are on solid footing.

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