Overhead crane

This is a very large design that can move in two directions. Probably readers have already seen these cranes with their own eyes. They are usually put on the territory of any enterprises where the transportation of heavy and large cargoes is required. This is a really convenient design that will make life easier for employees of any industrial industry. This crane can raise goods that are located under the main supports of the crane itself. Due to the fact that the crane can move perpendicular in two directions, the rise of goods from anywhere becomes more convenient. Two types of cranes are distinguished that differ only in types of fastening: supporting and suspended.

The support cranes are characterized by large loading capacity and greater strength, you can see various types of bridge cranes in Yekaterinburg. Their canvas is on the ground, which includes rails. On these rails, the crane can move directly and back. Most often, these types of bridge cranes are used. Movement right and left is created by rails on the crane itself, which periodically need to be lubricated.

The suspended cranes are attached to the design of the workshop or building, where this type of crane will be located. This saves the costs of the height of the workshop and the design itself. We will not be able to put a huge support valve in a small workshop, because of which it will be necessary to disassemble the roof. The beam walks along the guides, which provides a danger when using.

The crane tracks are made of high -strength steel, which ensures the strength and durability of the design. Every day, the paths should view and be checked by special staff. They must be lubricated every week to prevent the creak, which in the next can lead to cracks in the ways themselves.

There are wheels on the tap, which should also be tested when using. It is necessary to check the brake system, which very often refuses, which is why the crane rides from one side of the ways to the other.

Two engines ensure the operation of the entire mechanism. One of them makes the wheel wheels move, the other can move cables and lift goods of various severity. The support valve can lift the loads of greater severity than the suspended.

Such cranes are needed at all enterprises where uninterrupted sorting of various cargoes is required. They mainly move reinforced concrete structures, cement products. The acquisition of such a design will greatly change the life of a particular enterprise.

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